Festival Hair Trends 2024

Festival season is a time of music, fun, and fashion. It's an opportunity to express your individuality and creativity. These events are not just about music, they also serve as a platform for fashion and beauty trends. Inspired by what we’ve seen on the catwalk of Coachella, you’ll find the perfect blend of the bold, the bohemian, and the eco-conscious Festival Hair Trends 2024

Festival season is a time of music, fun, and fashion. It's an opportunity to express your individuality and creativity. These events are not just about music, they also serve as a platform for fashion and beauty trends. Inspired by what we’ve seen on the catwalk of Coachella, you’ll find the perfect blend of the bold, the bohemian, and the eco-conscious

With each festival having its own unique vibe, from dance, to old-school to a pop-lovers dream- you need a hairstyle to match. From Lollapalooza to Hard Summer and Outside Lands, there's a festival for every music lover. These festivals are not just about the music, they're also a platform for fashion and beauty trends

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are major drivers of the festival hair scene. Celebrities also play a significant role in shaping trends, inspiring many to recreate their styles and creating viral hairstyles that can be worn away from the festival too.

Whether you're a festival fanatic, a hair stylist, or a beauty and hair enthusiast, Tangle Teezer has designed this guide to inspire every human. Get ready to up your game with the best festival hair trends of 2024 to be seen across the states this summer.

Hair Care: Pre, During, and Post Festival Tips

Before we go all in on the top ways to add some pizzazz to your locks this festival season, as the best in hair, we all know that preparation is key to get the best results. The combination of sun, sweat, and styling can take a toll on your tresses. When you’re dancing with Open Arms to SZA, you want your hair to be looking like it does on the Good Days.

Not everyone washes their hair every day, and if you’re one of those people that only washes their hair once or twice a week, then lucky you, you’re already getting festival ready! If you’re not, it might be an idea to start cutting down your hair washes – the theory is, the less you wash your hair, you can actually train it to become less oily!

The night before the festival, or even the morning of, make sure you wash your hair. Give it a good, clarifying wash, you can use our Scalp Exfoliator and Massager to get your scalp feeling extra clean. Use a deep conditioning treatments, to strengthen and protect your hair from potential damage.

During the festival, use dry shampoo to keep grease at bay, UV protection spray to keep your scalp and hair safe and your favourite Tangle Teezer brush to keep hair beautifully styled and tangle-free. Try to give your hair a break from heavy styling and heat tools when possible – Bohemian waves day one, braids for day two and all the colour, glitz and hair tattoos for day three. But we’ll get to that.

Post festival, your hair might be looking a little lacklustre and in urgent need of some TLC. Use clarifying shampoos and nourishing masks to restore your hair's health and look to ways to add additional nourishment.

Festival Hair Trends 2024? It’s All About the Accessories.

Rainbow Hair: Pops of Colour

2024 is all about embracing vibrant, eye-catching hues that make a bold statement. Shades like Pink Quartz, Blue Reef, and Peach Blush are expected to be major hits, allowing festival fashionistas to stand out from the crowd. The beauty of this trend is that these bold colours come in the form of temporary glazes, offering the freedom to experiment without the commitment. You can rock them for the weekend and return to your natural or regular colour once the festival is over. This trend is all about self-expression and enjoying the liberating festival spirit.

Choose for natural hair dyes or eco-friendly aerosols to ensure you’re doing your bit for the planet too. You can even pack our Plant Brush, made from 85% sourced castor beans.

Festival Glitter Glam: Be the Belle of the Glitter Ball

No festival hair trend list would be complete without the mention of glitter. In 2024, sparkle and shine are non-negotiable. Whether you opt for a subtle sprinkle or a full-on glitter bomb, adding some shimmery accents to your locks is a surefire way to dazzle under the festival lights. Dust your hair with glitter, sequins, or shimmering hair accessories to channel your inner festival goddess. The sparkle trend is versatile and suits all hair types and lengths, creating a mesmerising effect that contributes to the magical festival atmosphere.

Think jewels along the hair line, glitter spray on strands in a braid and little sequins – be your own sparkle, with added dazzle.

Festival Hair Accessories: Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise – that’s the festival mantra.

No festival look is complete without the perfect festival hair accessories. 2024 sees a revival of the Y2K trends with butterfly clips, fluffy bucket hats, and mismatched slides. Slick your strands into place with an array of silver or colourful bobby pins. Colourful hair extensions and ribbons add texture and contrast to braids and waves while flower clips take you straight to eco-chic vibe.

Add the popular festival headband to bohemian tresses – think flowers, velvet, ribbons, glitter – more is more for this year’s festival maximalist style.

Even hair tattoos are making a comeback, perfect on a slicked back bun or pony.

Festivals are the chance to completely reinvent your style, while glitter tattoos, sprigs of foliage, fluffy bucket hats and those Game of Throne inspired tiaras might be frowned upon in the office – they are synonymous with every festival outfit. Bigger and bolder is better. It’s your chance to experiment!

Crème de la Crème of Festival Hair Styles 2024

You’ve prepped your hair, packed the accessories (and your trusty selection of Tangle Teezers!) so now, what about the styles?

Natural, bohemian waves

The natural bohemian waves are the perfect choice for day one. You can set them in place before you set off for your fun-filled weekend. In 2024, the bohemian look, a festival classic, is all about embracing natural textures and effortless styles. Add a flowery headband or even some mini braids and daisy clips throughout the length to add texture, boldness and that all important festival style.

Use the Ultimate Volumizer to add some volume to the top of your hair and the Ultimate Styler to tease out those tresses.

Space Buns or Double Buns

Made popular by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Miley Cyrus, space buns at a festival never go out of fashion. Do simple buns by dividing the hair in half and slicking the hair on the scalp back. Go further by braiding the hair before tying it into a bun and adding accessories such as scrunchies, hair jewels and glitter.

Festival Braids 

By day three, you might be wanting to tie that hair up after a few days of dancing in the sun. Braids have evolved into a statement, think voluptuous fishtail braids, halo-braids, mini-braids to simply adding detail in the hair. All you need is to divide the hair you want to braid into three easy sections and away you go. 

To turn your standard braid into a festival-lovers-inspiration, try weaving ribbon or colourful hair extensions into the braid. 

Choppy bob

If you have hair that’s too short to create space buns or fishtail braids out of, fear not, as there are plenty of sassy, fun-loving hairstyles that will have you turning heads this summer. From colouring your hair with pastel shades, adding waves, mini braids to frame your face to even adding a row of colourful bobby pins down each side. Festival hair really has no limits. If you’re looking for further inspiration to add volume or switch-up your shirt hair do in time for festival season, check out our article on the best short bob hairstyles for women here.

The Final Round-Up of Festival Hair Trends 2024

As we look forward to the 2024 festival season, it's clear that hair trends are as diverse as the festivals themselves. From bohemian braids to bold colours, there's a style for every festival-goer. The key is to find a look that suits your personal style and the festival vibe. Remember, the best festival hair is not just about looking good. It's about feeling good, too. So, choose a style that you love and that will let you enjoy the festival to the fullest.