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Smoothing Tool


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Blow-Dry (round and smoothing) Quick Quick & versatile blow-drying
Smoothing brush straight Ideal for creating a straight hairstyle
Blow dry Heat damage Minimizes heat damage
Blow-dry reduces frizz Reduces frizz for smooth & shiny hair

Smooth in every way

Not just pros in detangling, we also have the tools you need to perfect your blow-dry at home and the Smoothing Tool is the innovative blow-drying hairbrush that’ll do just that.

Taking the hair from wet to dry and leaving it beautifully smooth, it has overlapping fixed base teeth with built-in tension and flexibility at the tips. Giving you a quick and gentle blow-dry with no pulling or stretch-drying, this size is the perfect smoothing brush for medium to long hair lengths.

*Not suitable for detangling. But we can help you with that too.

Together with the Smoothing Tool, up your blow-drying game.

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Smoothing Tool

Hair flows effortlessly through the bottle-shaped fixed base teeth without pulling. The flexible tips offer precise pick-up at the root and the overlapping configuration extracts excess water for a faster drying time.
Smoothing Tool
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Smoothing Tool
Smoothing Tool

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