Cat Breed & Brush Guide

Our cat brush uses a two-tier teeth technology; the shorter teeth remove any loose hairs and make the fur nice and smooth, while the longer teeth gently detangle. This brush is extremely gentle and perfect for delicate areas such as the cat’s tummy, but also tough enough to remove any knots or tangles.

There are many different types of brushes that can be used to groom your cat, however this brush makes it pain-free, detangling and de-shedding your cat in the most comfortable way.

Short haired cats need brushing about once a week, while medium haired cats need a bit more attention to maintain their fur. Grooming them a few times a week will help to reduce the amount of hair around your home, as well as reducing the number of hairballs your cat consumes during their own grooming routine. Don’t forget, grooming your cat is also a great way to bond with them!

Other ways to groom your cat may seem an easier option, but they aren’t! You can use things like dryer sheets or combs to remove loose hair from your cat’s coat, but these methods are a lot more difficult to get your cat used to, which could also scare them away from using brushes in the future.

Using both our Cat Grooming Brush and a de-shedding shampoo can help speed up the whole de‑shedding process.

Our Cat Grooming Brush is super safe as it has soft teeth and not only does it remove dirt and loose hairs from your cat’s coat, it also helps blood circulation, meaning a healthier coat!

Cats generally like to be in charge of every situation, that’s why we love them! Letting your cat sniff and rub up against the brush helps them feel more in control and rewarding your cat during brushing helps a lot too. If your cat seems uncomfortable or like they are going to react negatively, then let them walk off. Don’t hold them down or restrain them as this will put them off letting you brush them again.

For shedding cats with short to medium length fur such as the following we suggest the our Cat Grooming Brush; Bengal, British Shorthair, Siamese, Scottish Fold, Ragdoll.

Cat Grooming Brush Cat Grooming Brush

Cat Grooming Brush


Detangling & De-Shedding

Shedding cats with short to medium length fur.

Using our unique, two-tiered teeth technology that’s gentle on cat’s fur and skin, our Pet Teezer Cat Grooming Brush is ideal for maintaining your feline’s fur. The long teeth gently detangle and remove knots, while the shorter teeth remove loose hairs and smooth the fur.