Made from plant-based materials, the Plant Brush is our new and innovative eco-friendly hairbrush. Designed differently, to perform brilliantly.

the next generation of tangle teezer
high performing and long lasting
same two-tiered teeth technology
Made from Plant based materials
for smoother and healthier-looking hair
The mane goal

From bean to brush

Made from 85% sustainably-sourced castor beans, it’s the Tangle Teezer detangling power you know and love, but kinder to the planet. A step towards our sustainability goals, without compromising on the quality we’re known for, it’s a stroke of genius and a stroke of good.

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The Ultimate Detangler Plant Brush The Ultimate Detangler Plant Brush

The Ultimate Detangler Plant Brush


Brushes made from plants

Brushes made from plants

The Ultimate Detangler Plant Brush is great for all hair types, but is especially great for wet or fragile hair. Designed to be kind to wet hair, use it in the shower to brush through shampoo and conditioner, and for effortless detangling afterwards.