Wide Tooth Comb


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WTC Fast detangling Fast & gentle detangling
WTC Small teeth Small teeth for deshedding hair
WTC Wide teeth Wide teeth remove knots
WTC Wash day For wash day and applying conditioner

This one’s for the curls

Developed with the curly-haired community, the Wide Tooth Comb is an innovative, dual-sided comb designed to quickly and confidently detangle 3C-4C hair.

The long, sturdy teeth with soft, rounded tips effortlessly glide through the hair with less pulling, help speed up the detangling process and reduce breakage, while the flexible two-tiered teeth provide a deeper detangle to help remove shed hair and stubborn knots, leaving your pattern popping. Easy to use and comfortable to hold, it’ll leave natural curls beautifully defined.

Effective on wet, damp or dry hair, the Wide Tooth Comb can also be used to draw products through the hair, meaning healthier-looking, softer curls that are easier to maintain. Let’s bounce!.

Hot tip: Keep this hairbrush away from heat!

Together with the Wide Tooth Comb, defined and detangled curls with less breakage are yours.

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Wide Tooth Comb

Featuring long, sturdy teeth with soft, rounded tips on one side, that are gentle on the scalp, and flexible two-tiered teeth on the other, this comb gets the detangling job done quickly and easily.
Wide Tooth Comb
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Wide Tooth Comb
Wide Tooth Comb

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