How to Keep My Hair Curls Curly

We love a curly hair moment here at Tangle Teezer. Whether you’re working your natural style or have gone over to the curl side with a little help from tongs or a perm, ringlets, coils or waves add instant personality to your look. But sometimes, our curls don’t like to play by the rules and you need a helping hand to keep them looking lovely for longer. From how you wash your hair, to protecting them whilst you sleep, there is so much you can do to ensure your curls are always looking their best - here are our top tips to maintaining your curls 24/7. How to Keep My Hair Curls Curly


How to make your curls last longer?

Lightweight leave-in conditioner

Curly hair tends to dry out easily - so hydration is the number one rule for keeping them healthy and happy. Dropping the ball on moisturising can lead to frizz and breakage, which can play havoc with your curl pattern. A lightweight leave-in conditioner or conditioning treatment works wonders and is a low maintenance route to high-level curls. Simply apply a small amount to damp hair, carefully brush through the lengths of your hair with our Ultimate Detangler and then get on with your day! Your hair will have its thirst quenched and your curls will look glossy and healthy all day.

Skip regular Hair Conditioning

Whilst conditioning is essential to curl maintenance, over conditioning can make your hair slippery - which can cause curls to lose their shape. You want to space your conditioning treatments out - and definitely don’t need to do it every day. Get to know your hair’s natural cycle and work out how many times a week you need to condition to hit that sweet spot of being moisturised without overdoing it. When you do condition also be aware of how much product you’re using - you’ll often need less than you think!

Wash your hair less often

Daily washing is not a task that members of the curl crew need to worry about - and it could do more harm than good for your hair. The beauty of curly hair is that it takes a while to look lank or greasy and excess washing could take away the natural oils that make you, so definitely consider washing your hair less regularly. This is also important if you are creating curls with a tong or iron. Curls tend to last longer when styled on hair that was washed a couple of days ago, so wash in advance and then get to work with your curling iron on 2nd or 3rd-day hair.

Air drying

Just as curly hair is vulnerable to drying out, it also doesn’t handle the heat too well. Blow-drying your hair might help you get out of the house faster in the morning, but it could lead to long term damage and turn your gorgeous curls into a frizz fest. It can also make your curls less, well, curly as heat breaks bonds in your hair in a similar way to chemical straightening. Stick to air drying and you’ll find that not only do your curls look and feel better, but they will also hold their shape and pattern for longer.

Thickening Mousse

People with straight styles often use mousse to add a little volume before a blow-dry - but it can also be transformative for curly hair too! A small amount of thickening mousse can enhance the bounce and shape of natural curls and is also perfect for creating more thickness and structure in other hair types before going in with the curling tong - making the curls last longer!

Texturizing spray

Another great product for curls - natural or otherwise - is texturising spray. If you’re dealing with curls that are a little flat and lacklustre, this triple haircare threat can add volume, increase definition and help curls hold their shape. Unlike serums and conditioners that focus on smoothing out your hair, texturising spray encourages your curls to come out to play in a big way - and also forms a great base for long-lasting tonged curls.

Protect your hair while you sleep

Bedtime is when our curls can really get out of control. The friction of our head on the pillow plus bedding soaking up our natural hair oils equals a look that definitely won’t have you saying “I woke up like this”. Protecting your curls whilst you sleep is important for keeping your curl patterns on point. We recommend a silk scarf or bonnet - but if that’s not your thing, investing in a silk pillowcase can also really help.

Tie your hair up using the pineapple trick

Another great way to protect your hair overnight is the ‘Pineapple Trick’. This super simple style is comfy to sleep in but also looks after your curls whilst you’re getting your shut-eye. Gather your hair and pile your curls on top so you look like - you’ve guessed it - a pineapple. Secure with a fabric scrunchie, at the base of the pony but do not twist around again like you would with a normal, daytime style. Remember - this is a pineapple, not a ponytail! Let your curls flop down naturally, head to bed and wake up in the morning with curls that are ready to go.

Comb your hair from the bottom up

Curls are not immune to tangles and knots, so detangling definitely needs to be part of your hair care routine. The golden rule is to always comb your hair from the tip and up to the root - this will help to reduce breakage and allow your curls to fall into a beautifully defined place once you’re done. You also want to make sure you’re using tools that have been created for your hair type - have you met our Naturally Curly Detangler?

Use a curling iron to freshen up your curls

A curling tong is obviously a must-have tool for anyone wanting to take their straight hair on a curl journey, but did you know it could also be useful for people with natural curls and coils? It’s rare that all your curls will be looking exactly the same at all times - so there is no shame in needing a helping hand from tongs to keep them looking even. If you have curls that are lying flat, or going off in their own direction your curling tong can get them back in line and freshen up your looks.



Why not try some new curly hairstyles?

Now you’ve got your curls looking and feeling fabulous - why not experiment with a new curl friendly look?

Bob Hairstyle for Curly Hair

You definitely don’t need to leave curls long for them to look gorgeous. Going for a bob chop like this really shows off the thickness and bounce of curls - and you can achieve added oomph by going in with a texturising spray.


Shoulder Cut

If you’re not feeling brave enough for a bob, going shoulder-length can still add all the thickness and bounce of a bob, but feel a little less intimidating. This length also gives you enough hair to play with to go for a long, sleek look if the mood strikes you!


Side Parted Short Curls

Tiktokers may claim that the side part is over, but for us, it always adds instant glamour to a look - especially when paired with a mane of gorgeous curls. This short take on the style gives it a modern edge that we are totally obsessed with.


Elegant Curly Hair Updo

Curls don’t have to be down to make an impact! The texture and thickness of curls make updos even more interesting and can actually help hold your style in place - perfect for a special occasion when you need your look to be party proof.


Long Curls with Fringes

Think you can’t rock a fringe with curly hair? Think again. This look not only frames your face and adds intention to your style, but it can also be versatile - worn naturally curly or blow-dried straight. One big tip - Curly hair looks longer when it’s wet so to get the perfect shape cut in a fringe when your hair is dry.


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